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Customer Feedback for Teamstuff

Knowledge Base

  1. Teamstuff Pro 

    1. What is Teamstuff Pro?
    2. What type of paid plans does Teamstuff have?
    3. What does a parent get with Teamstuff Pro?
    4. What does a coach or manager get with Teamstuff Pro?
  2. Getting Started 

    1. GDPR
    2. I've created a Teamstuff account... now what?
    3. Starting a kids team
    4. How do I join a team?
    5. How do I add a game to my team?
  3. My Team 

    1. Know Thy Team
    2. What is the maximum size of a team?
    3. How can I delete old teams from my account?
    4. I can't see my team on desktop, but can on mobile (or vice versa)
  4. Me and My Family 

    1. How do I leave a team?
    2. How do I modify my personal details?
    3. How do I transfer my kids schedule to another teamstuff account?
    4. How could I change the way teamstuff sends me emails or notifications?
    5. How do I change languages?
  5. Update Team Details 

    1. How do I setup a player on my team for separated parents?
    2. How can I delete/remove a player from my team?
    3. How can I move players between teams?
    4. How to add an extra player to an existing team?
    5. How do I delete a team?
  6. Coachstuff 

    1. How do I add a calculated statistic?
    2. How do I configure stat totals for my team in coachstuff?
    3. How do I get attendance statistics for my team?
    4. Coachstuff - Where is my team?
    5. In coachstuff - what's my userid or password?
  7. Clubs 

    1. What can teamstuff do for my club?
    2. How can I create a club?
    3. How can I find my club members?
    4. How do I invite club members to a club event?
    5. Can my club have lots of administrators?
  8. Duties 

    1. How can I assign LOTS of duties to my team?
    2. What is a Duty Template?
    3. How do I add a duty to a game?
    4. How can I set the team up for duty volunteers?
    5. How can a team member volunteer for a duty ( on mobile app)?
  9. Games 

    1. How can I leave a comment for the coach about my game attendance?
    2. What is the 'current' season?
    3. I would like a notification when a player's attendance changes
    4. Who is Playing or Training?
    5. How do I change a game or training session once I have created it?
  10. Payments 

    1. Can Teamstuff track payments?
    2. How do I setup a payment for my team?
    3. How do I record a cash payment?
    4. How can I make a credit card payment to my team?
    5. Transaction Fees with Payments - How Much?
  11. Privacy 

    1. Will team emails sent by Teamstuff expose all player's emails?
    2. How I can share my contact details with my team?
  12. Tech Stuff 

    1. Changelog
    2. Why don't we support IE 8?
    3. What browsers does teamstuff support?
    4. When is the Windows Phone app coming out?
    5. I'm not receiving emails from teamstuff.
  13. Calendar 

    1. How do I sync my schedule to my google calendar?
    2. My (google) calendar isn't up to date?
    3. How do I add the Teamstuff calendar to my phone/pc/mac/ipad/outlook/iCal/etc
  14. All articles 

    1. Help! I have forgotten my password!
    2. Where did my old messages go?
    3. Can I add notes for a player on a team eg. to store their Football Federation number details?
    4. I have a suggestion for a new feature
    5. How do I accept the Terms and Conditions?
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