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What type of paid plans does Teamstuff have?

Teamstuff Pro is a Personal Plan
It's really simple - we've only got one type of paid plan. And it's a personal choice; all about you and your usage of the platform. So Teamstuff Pro is all about your own usage of your sporting calendar. If you're a coach or manager - going to make your administration way easier. If you're a parent or player - going to give you heaps more options to get the data you want, when you want it, and how you want it.

Why don't you have team plans?
Good question. Long story short - because we don't like 'em.  Mainly because you get penalised for having multiple kids playing sport, or playing in multiple teams, or being a coach on multiple teams. That just doesn't seem fair to us. The more you're giving back to your community the more it costs? No way - that's not how we see the world.  

Team plans are evil and bad - you won't see any around here.

But what happens if someone in the team doesn't go Pro?
Err...nothing. They've made their choice, and they don't get all the awesome features that Pro users have. Simples!

( and yes, we expect this to happen for most teams. There is no penalty built into our design for the team of for the admins - just because one person in the team isn't signed up. Cos you know - in every team - there's always one right? )

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