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What does a parent get with Teamstuff Pro?

If your *only* role in the team is as a parent, then you're already doing heaps! Trainings, drop offs, the occasional pep talk or medical intervention; we know how busy you are.

So here's what you get...

Faster app : We'll try to predict what you need next - and help get it front and centre for you with a minimum of clicks.

More photos : Virtually unlimited uploads, and more options to see, find and download.

More history : See all your messages, activities, searchable 'google' style. 

More data : customisable to you. You'll be able to add more emails, see more in the calendar sharing.

More Grandparents : OK, we can't deliver this. But we can deliver the Family Sharing Page - the single best way to share your kids schedule with your parents.

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