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What does a coach or manager get with Teamstuff Pro?

Respect! As a coach or team manager we know how hard you're working. So you'll already know we target heaps of features to make your life easier; and when you go Pro there's some more coming your way.

Faster app : We'll try to predict what you need next - and help get it front and centre for you with a minimum of clicks. Just one example - live attendance numbers built right into the Activity feed mean you know instantly how many are playing in your games.

Unlimited Activity History : see all messages, attendance updates, game updates. This is probably most important for team admins - see all the activities needed to keep your teams on their winning ways.

More Photos : Unlimited* uploads. Beautiful downloads and sharing options. 

More Teams Documents/Resources : Share more with your team - documents, links to club websites, youtube videos etc... 

More data : customisable to you. You'll be able to add more emails, see more in the calendar sharing.

*Like more than you should ever need. Reasonable use policy.

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