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I've created a Teamstuff account... now what?

You've signed up to Teamstuff and you're ready to go! Great!

But now what?

There's two main paths you can head down with Teamstuff, and it all depends on what you're planning to use Teamstuff for.

But before we proceed, you'll want to make sure you've verified your email address and account. Check your Inbox for an email from us titled "Please verify your email address". You'll find a link in there to click which will verify that your email is valid and you didn't accidentally mis-type it when creating your account.

Now that you've verified you're account, you'll want to know your role within Teamstuff and of some key features that can aid you;

A Team Administrator
You're a coach or manager and you'll be;

A Parent or Player
You'll be a team member, but not managing the team, and you'll be;

A Club Manager
You'll be the top-most manager who overseas Multiple Teams, Members and Club Events, and you'll be;
  • Creating a club
  • Creating new Teams for your Club
  • Managing Team admins (coaches and managers)
  • Finding details about any person in your club (any member of a team, within your club)
  • Collect payments from members
  • Add Resources (Documents and Links) to teams
  • Ask for feedback from Club members (Net Promoter Scores)
  • Setup sponsor advertising.
  • Upgrading your account to PRO for enhanced content and a better experience
  • and much more...

The beauty of Teamstuff is that you can be any of the above roles, or, all of them at the same time! That's right, you can be a coach in one team, a manager in another, a player in yet another team, and a parent in a 4th team! We let you be who you want to be.

You'll also want to get Teamstuff for your iPhone or Android, keep our Knowledge Base handy, and bookmark our Ideas Forum if you have any suggestions or ideas you want to let us know about.

We're always here to help and more than happy to answer your questions via our Support Ticketing system. If you're after a quick response, ensure you're a PRO member so that your ticket goes into our Priority Queue.

Welcome to Teamstuff!

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