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I can't see my team on desktop, but can on mobile (or vice versa)

It happens a lot.

People log in on the website and can see their team, but can't when they log in on their mobile device.

Sometimes it's the other way around - they see it on their mobile, but not on desktop.

The reason is a simple one... and don't worry, it really does happen a lot...

You have two accounts.

Two accounts, using two different emails with a slight difference - you'll most likely have an email address that works with two extensions (such as .com and, and you've signed up with both.

Or you've simply mistyped and entered .con or .cim instead of .com.

To confirm this, log in on mobile and desktop and head to your Account Settings. We'll display the email address you're logged in as.

You'll want to decide which account you want to keep and delete the other to avoid future confusion... BUT WAIT, what if you're already connected to the teams. If you delete one of your accounts, you'll lose access to your team.  Unfortunately, there's not much you can do. You'll want to ask your team coach or manager to re-add you using the address you're keeping.

If you're a parent and you're managing a child's profile, you'll want to either Share or Transfer access with your other account; just like sharing access with another parent, but instead with your own account. You'll want to be a little careful here though; if your preferred account already has a child profile and you share another one with it, your account will end up having two profiles for the same child. Your end goal is to have 1 account in Teamstuff, and one profile for your child.

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