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We've recently undergone a review of our system to ensure we comply with GDPR, which we do.

Being an Australian-based company, we have implemented privacy policies based on the Australian Privacy Act 1988 which already shares many common requirements with the GDPR, including;
  • implementing a privacy-by-design approach to compliance
  • being able to demonstrate compliance with privacy principles and obligations
  • adopting transparent information handling practices.
  • alerting users of any security breaches that may have resulted in their data being exposed
We also ensure we have systems in place that allow uses to remove all their data, giving them the right "to be forgotten" - if you choose to delete your account, all your information is completely removed from our system; it is not stored elsewhere, and can never be retrieved - it's deleted forever.

We don't pass any information provided by our users to third-party companies, and any information you do share is only with the team you've manually joined, or the Club your team may be associated with. In both scenarios, you have control over which information to share within your Account Settings.

Our data is stored in the US with a GDPR compliant company who specialise in high levels of security and data privacy.

More information on GDPR and Australian Companies can be found here.

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