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How does my wife/husband/partner/carer get access to my child's schedule?

Teamstuff has wonderful support for real life - including multiple adults having shared access to a child's teamstuff details. So shared access means full access - both adults can see all teams for the child, and have the same rights to set attendance, get communications etc. Our model will work for 2,3 or 10 adults - as many as you need to share with - we can support.

Here's how you can do this;

On Web:
Navigate to the profiles section and click on the child. The 'Share Access' icon is the one on the right - so click on this. Now look on the left near the word 'Share' and you'll see a little icon with a plus in it - this is the 'add adult' button.

 Click on this, enter the other adults email address. Remember you're giving them full access to the child's information and schedules.

On Mobile:
This is also supported on the mobile - simply navigate to the child's profile, then look for the Shared Access area - hit the icon with the plus sign on it. 

If you prefer to see it happen, we cover this in an episode on our Teamstuff.TV channel.

And then...

The recipient will receive an email invitation from teamstuff to share the schedule of the child ; they accept and go through a signup or login process and it's all done. After that, you both will have full access to the schedules, teams and information for the child - including new teams and new games. 

If you have multiple kids in teamstuff - just follow the process for each one.

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