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Oops, I managed to sign up with two accounts!

Don't worry, it can all be fixed!

Case 1: Parent signs up two different children for different teams on different email addresses

OK, so you want to pick the email address you want to use.  Then log in under the account you don't want, and Transfer the child to your other account. Log in to the website and go to Profiles and click on the child.  There is a 'Share Access' area (parent/child icon).  If you click on the Transfer icon you can specify the email address of your other account.  Once you log in as your correct account, you should now see both children, and all appropriate games and teams.  If you want, log back in with the old account and go to 'Account Settings' (top right) and remove your account.

Case 2: I signed up as a player with one account, and a Coach/Manager with another

Depending on which account you would rather use ongoing, you can either:
  • transfer Coach role from your 'bad' account to your 'good' account (see our FAQ on 'How do I transfer the Coach/Manager role to someone else?')
  • ask the Coach of the team to remove your 'bad' account from the team and invite you again with your 'good' account

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