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How do I add another Coach/Team Manager to my team?

It's really easy to update your coaches/managers on your team. You can do this for mobile or on the website.

For website:

  1. Find the team you want to change from the left hand menu. If you need to, click on the first icon so that  it looks something like the following;
  2. OK, now to change the coaches or managers, you need to click on the pencil icon. This generally means edit in teamstuff - and you can see it highlighted above in the red circle. Near the word About.
  3. When you edit, you'll be able to change lots of the details of the team, including the coach/mangers. You should see something like the following appear;
  4. You can type in their email, click add to add a new coach.
  5. Or, you my set their role by changing the Manger/Both/Coach slider on the right. 
  6. Or, you can hover over an existing manager/coach and delete them.
  7. At the end, make sure to click the "Save & Invite New Members" button

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