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How do I add a duty to a game?

There's quite a few different ways to add a duty to a game.

You can add duties individually, or via a Duty Template, or you even assign massive numbers with just one click

This article concentrates on Individual Duties for a Single Game.

On Mobile

Find the game first - use the calendar, or the listing under the team - doesn't matter how you get there. Now expand the game details - and find the duties by pressing on the duty icon. There is an edit icon visible if you are a coach or manager. Hit this, and a small menu pops up - look for New Duty. Give it a name, assign it to a player and you'll done. It's that easy.

On the Web Site

You need to log into the website and go to the 'Schedules' page. Find your game in the calendar and click on the Duties screen (person icon, to the right of the check mark icon). Then click on the add icon to the left of the "Duties" text. Then you can add the duty name and assign it to a player/parent. Click Save, and you're done.

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