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How do I join a team?

Teams are pretty important here at Teamstuff. That's because we try really hard to make sure we build 'stuff that makes a team's life easier'. So a key part of that is being part of a team - and being able to control who's in the team and who's not.

So the first principle we have here is that joining a team requires authorisation by the right people ( that would be the team administrators ) and it also needs acceptance - or opt-in - by you. That makes sense - you wouldn't want just anyone to see your schedule, or your photos - so we have a fairly strong and fairly important join team process. 

There's three ways you can get into a team...

New to Teamstuff completely
OK, if you're new to teamstuff completely, then probably the easiest way is to wait for your coach or manager to send you an invitation. This will come via an email. Click on the link in the email and we'll guide you through the process of creating your account, and at the same time being part of the team. You can be the player, or it might be your children. We'll help you through.

Already a Teamstuff user, new to the team
In this case, probably the easiest way is to login onto your mobile app. When your team invites you using your email address, we can add that invitation directly to your alerts section. And then we'll guide you beautifully through the join team process. It's probably the easiest way to be part of the team - via the mobile apps.

Using an 'open invitation' URL
The last way into your team - your team may have created a special web address that acts as your key to the team. If you use this address , Teamstuff will join you up to the team as per normal - and you can create your account or use existing as you join.

And that's how you join a team in Teamstuff! Easy!

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