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How to add an extra player to an existing team?

Easy! You need to be a coach or manager of the team to make changes to the playing list, and you can do this on the web or in the apps.

On web:
1. Log in to the website, and find your team in the left hand navigation area
2. Click on the Players icon (silhouette of a person) and then,
3. Click the Edit icon (pencil) near the left.  This allows you to both add new players and remove any existing players

On mobile:
1.Login to your app, and find your team using the navigation menu
2. Click on the people icon (silhouette of a person) and then,
3. Touch the edit icon ( pencil ) - which is on the right. Make sure you choose the one closest to the list of players.
4. Now add your player via an email, and away you go.

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