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How do I change a game or training session once I have created it?

We've all had occasions when we need to change the details of a game - maybe the time's changed - or the location. No problems at all - we've got that handled. We should point out you need to be a manager or a coach to do this - and here's how.

1. Login to the web site or mobile app. Both support changing a game / training.
2. Navigate to the training or the game that you need to change. You can use the schedule, or look under your team for the listings. Either way - find your game or training.

3. When you expand the details of the game - you should see the pencil icon on the left. In the example above, it has the word 'edit' as the mouse pointer is hovering over it.
4. Click the pencil, and the game or training will go into edit mode. You can change any details you like.
5. Make sure you save the changes - and at the same time ; you can send push notifications messages letting the team know about the change.

Too easy!

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