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How do I set up my team email address?

What is the Team Email Address?
So the basics first - what is the team email address? Well, it's really a clever distribution list for your team. Teamstuff knows all your players, parents, coaches and managers - and most importantly, their current email. And the second email address - and the shared parent's email and so on. All teamstuff users keep their own personal email settings up to date ; so the team email address will send your email out to entire team - using their latest and greatest email addresses. 

That's why we call it the 'magic' team email sometimes - it's always up to date. Heaps better than using a manual list; as these go out of date pretty quickly.

How To Set Your Address
If you log in to the website, and under Teams click on your team. Click on Team Contact Info icon and then click on the Edit icon (pencil). 

You are able to specify a name for your team, such as 'TigersU14s' and as long as the name is not taken, we will set up an email address of

One thing to note ; it's a pretty smart system under the hood. When we say as long as the name isn't taken - we're talking solely about a clash of names within your teams and the people within those teams. So there's a good chance you'll get the name you want. 

How do you use the Team Email Address?
That's the easy part - just send an email to the address. Teamstuff gets your email, then sends to the whole team. We'll try to send the email as you send it ; pictures, attachments are no problems at all. So you can use any email software at all ; just send the email to the team email address. 

Privacy and Spammers
We like privacy, we don't like spammers. So the first thing ; there is an email privacy switch in your team settings. If you turn this on, then emails get sent to individuals within the team; they can't see other's email addresses. If you leave it off, all emails can be seen within the team. Totally up to the team and the team manager how they want to use that.

As for spammers - there are no options for them! If a spammer was to guess your magic team email - they wouldn't be able to use it. We only let team members, using verified email addresses send to the team email. 

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