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Duty Reminders - When are they sent out?

Who's on scoring today? Bringing the water bottles? Or in charge of packing up the kit after the game? All good questions - and that's why we built duties into Teamstuff. The list of 'who's doing what' is contained within the system, and you can access that list on your app, on the web - wherever you need.

We also know that it's important to communicate the duties to the team - you don't want people turning up to the game without the oranges! So Teamstuff, like most things, tries to make your life easier - we'll remind the players and parents on your behalf.

We will send emails, and create push notifications too - making sure that the right people know which duty they're assigned to. Both of these will go out the day before the game. That way - there's no excuses when they turn up to the game!

Your team members can adjust how and when they receive duty reminders from their account notification settings:

This ensures that the right people get the right notifications at the right time.

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