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How do I transfer my kids schedule to another teamstuff account?

There are times when you'd like to transfer the access to one of your kid's accounts from one teamstuff account to another. 

And that's no worries at all - we can support you through that process. Here's what to do;

1. Login on the web
2. Click on profiles, and expand the child's profile you want to transfer
3. Click on the shared access icon on the far right

4. Now look near the word 'Share Access' and you'll see two action icons. 
5. Click on the one with the arrow - the second one is the transfer action.
6. Add the new person's email address into the box and hit transfer.

7. The recipient must accept the 'ownership' of the child - so the person you've named will receive an email from teamstuff. That email contains a special token that indicates acceptance of the role. The recipient clicks through this link or pastes into their own browser ( or they can alternatively forward to another teamstuff account of their choosing ).

And that's it - once they have accepted the child into their schedule it will disappear from your own account. 

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