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Will team emails sent by Teamstuff expose all player's emails?

Great question. Simple answer is yes and no - that is we support both models.

Under each team, there is a setting available to the team manager or coach that controls how Teamstuff sends the emails. It looks quite a lot like this;

Privacy Please

If you want to hide the emails from other team members, then turn the privacy on. When team emails are sent, we make it so that each person gets their own copy of the email. They can't see who else received it - and if they reply, it will come back to the sender of the email - not to the whole team.

No Privacy Needed

If you don't mind sharing details ( most teams won't ) then just turn the setting off. When we send team emails to everyone - it goes out with the entire team's emails exposed. And should someone hit reply-all - well the whole team will get their response. So use it wisely.

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