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How do I remind players to set their attendance?

Every game you'll have a small set of players or parents who may have forgotten to tell you whether they're coming. 

Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple way to remind just that small group to set their attendance? Of course it would be ; and that's why we've built a one touch "remind the slackers" feature.

There's a few different ways to access this feature - and you'll find them across both apps and the web.


If you're a manager/coach, then you'll see alerts helping you when you've got attendances still to be set. This alert pops up if you have a game coming up in the next week and you don't have all the attendances set yet. It looks a little like the following;

There's a little clock icon in there - that's the remind feature.

On the Games 

At any time, on any game you can see the attendances - who's coming, who's not and who hasn't quite decided.

If you highlight the 'not decided', by clicking/touching on the yellow circle, then you'll also find a reminder icon built in here.

What Happens Next

So teamstuff then sends reminders out to only those players who haven't set their attendances. And we communicate on your behalf using all the techniques we can. So at about the same time we will;

1. Send an email requesting that they set their attendance 
2. Send a push notification that they need to set their attendance
3. Add some details to in game alerts - letting them know that the coach wants them to set their attendance.

And the best bit - you can press that button as many times as you like! Enjoy ;-)

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