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How do I leave a team?

It's pretty normal for team members to change from time to time - and so we support a couple of different ways to leave a team. Coaches and managers can always make a change to the team's players - including taking players out of a team ; but it's also possible for a player to leave a team yourself. Here's how.

We have a great tutorial over at Teamstuff TV all about leaving a team

Or if you prefer, here's some instructions...

1. Login onto the web site at
2. Find the profile of the person in the team ( might be you or your child - whomever is leaving the team ).
    The profiles can be found in the left hand navigation menu.
3. Click on the profile on the left - on the right hand side their details are shown
4. Click on the teams listing - the 3 persons icon, and underneath that you should see all the teams you are part of
5. If you hover over the team you want to leave, you'll see a 'trash can' icon on the right ( as below )

5. Click on the trash can, then confirm you're leaving the team.

Note: the team stays in teamstuff - the only change is that you're no longer part of that team. 

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