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How can I move players between teams?

It's always possible to invite players, any player into a team via the invitation process. This process allows the team member to 'opt-in' to your team once the invitation has arrived.

But there's another, easier way to move players between teams ; player sharing and transfer. This is available to team manager's under the following scenarios;
  1. Where you are a manager on both teams, or
  2. You are a manager on the source team - and the destination team is part of the same club
Here's how it works...

1. Login onto the website
2. Navigate to the team that the player is currently a part of
3. Expand and show the player listing under the team
4. Now click on the share/xfer icon - as shown below

5. You'll get a set of options now to move players. Sharing means that they are added to the destination team ; transfer means they leave the source team, and are moved across to the destination.

6. Note you can optionally send a notification to that player letting them know about their new team - which is instantly accessible for them within their teamstuff accounts -  including all games etc.

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