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How do I configure stat totals for my team in coachstuff?

Statistics are one of the many things that help you determine the progress of both players and the team itself. So it's vital that you can get Coachstuff to configure the right stats for your team; and it's vital you can use the statistic in a meaningful way.

So some statistics have a meaningful 'season' or player wide total. Others the average might be more important. An example might be that goals per game is best expressed as an average :  "Charlie shoots 26.2 pts per game" might be the best way to use the statistic. But a 'most valuable player' vote might be best as a total ; "Kate is one vote clear of Charlie". 

Either way - we got you covered.

The create stat wizard allows you to set your preferences for totals and averages as you create your custom stats. But there's an even easier way. 

If you go to a view that's showing the statistic - you can click on total or average directly, and you'll be given the choice to show or hide the statistic. For example, take a look below at the Goals (G) column; I've just clicked on Alex' s 'goals per game average'.

You'll see a small popup window with the choice to 'Hide the averages for Goals' . If you click on this, then the average goals will disappear - note it will disappear for all players. So note the two empty averages below....

You can do this most anywhere you see a statistic total or average - and turning it back on is the same simple process. Click where you'd like to see the statistic total or average.

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