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How do I add a calculated statistic?

Coachstuff lets you configure statistics whose value is dependent on other information that you've recorded already. We call this a calculated statistic.

To run through this example, we're going to use an Aussie Rules football scenario. Why - well it's our crazy local sport ; and we have a nice simple scoring example to go through.

Right, here's how it works. In aussie rules, we can kick goals, or we can get points. Goals are worth 6 points, and points are naturally only worth one point. These stats are pretty important if your job is to kick scores - so in coachstuff I might have a setup like the following.

And that's great. But what if I wanted to know the actual contribution to the scoreboard of a player. Well ; I'd need to manually multiply the goals by 6, then add the points; I've got the total scoreboard contribution. Or, I can just add a calculated stat to my games. Here's the process.

Add New Statistic
OK, start by creating a New Stat ( find under setup ).

You can add whatever names you feel like and description here.

It's the next screen that matters the most. Click on that second checkbox - telling coachstuff that this is a calculated statistic.

Now that you've chosen the calculated method - you need to let coachstuff know what the formula is. You tell us which other stats to use by using their 'Reference' - the short abbreviation used for the statistic in headings. In the example, G is the custom stats for goals and P refers to the custom stat representing points.

OK - so a nice easy formula. If you get it wrong, or use references that don't work for us - we'll let you know with a decent error message.

For reference, coachstuff supports the following operators for the formulas;
+  for addition
-  for subtraction
*  for multiplication 
/  for division
( ) brackets if you really need them!

 Once you've completed your formula you can move onto the last remaining steps regarding when to show totals/averages for the stat.

Save and you're done.

You can see we've got a new statistic at the bottom there called Scoreboard Contribution. Nice.

Use the Calculated Statistic

Finally - you need to use it. In the example below, Jono has kicked 4 goals and 2 points ; and you'll find the value of SC will update as you change the values for the players Goals and Points. 

And you're done. Use wisely!

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