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I'm not receiving emails from teamstuff.

Teamstuff can send lots of useful emails to you - from game and duty reminders through to emails sent to you from your team. So you want to receive them. Very occasionally, you might find you don't. Here's some reasons why not...

Reason 1 - Local Spam Filter

Sometimes your local spam filter might decide it doesn't like teamstuff emails. It's pretty rare, but it's also easy to solve. You can do this by sending a blank email to teamstuff - specifically to Most spam filters see you sending to teamstuff - and will allow emails back from teamstuff. Oh - and don't worry too much about subject and content - no one will ever see that email!

Reason 2 - Hotmail, Yahoo

For some reason, hotmail and yahoo accounts seem to have the 'itchiest trigger finger' when it comes to spam filters. So if you're a hotmail or yahoo email account and you're not seeing anything - definitely send us an email at  ; most times this clears the blockage.

Reason 3 - You marked us as spam

Most email clients allow you to mark an email as spam. This does lots of things behind the scenes - including telling our mail provider that you think teamstuff emails are spam. If we send any email to your address again - our email provider refuses to send it on - much makes sense, since you marked as as spam. If that's the case, the only way through this is to ask us to reset the 'spam flag' on your behalf. 

Reason 4 - Hang on - that's not the email I thought I was using

It's quite possible for teamstuff users to forget which email address they're currently using and expecting to receive the emails on. Double check your details - under Account Settings just to make double sure you are using the right account.

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