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How I can share my contact details with my team?

Privacy is pretty personal choice - and everyone's got a different internalised setting for what they're willing to share. For most of us; we're happy to share our contact details with our teams ( phone, email ) - because we're all in this together right? Others might be less willing - and again that's fine ; it's your choice.

So we support this in teamstuff, like most things - by giving you a choice about the information you share with your team mates. To change this setting; take a look at;

1. Login on the web site
2. Navigate to the Account Settings ( you can find these bottom left in the navigation menu, or at top right, near your name ).
3. Look for the Privacy setting - it looks like the following;

4. Turn the switch on to let team members see your contact details, turn it off to only let coaches and managers.

And you're done. Too easy!

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