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How do I setup a player on my team for separated parents?

Teamstuff has wonderful support for real life - including multiple adults having shared access to a child's teamstuff details. So shared access means full access - both adults can see all teams for the child, and have the same rights to set attendance, get communications etc. Our model will work for 2,3 or 10 adults - as many as you need to share with - we can support.

But real life isn't always perfect either, and some separations are harder than others - where maybe the parents aren't really interested in co-operating anymore. In these cases getting the perfect team setup in teamstuff could be the very least of their problems. We get that.

So we've designed an alternative where you - the team manager or coach - can get the setup right for them.

Here's how you can do this;

On Web:
Navigate to your team - players section. Then expand the player that you'd like to add a parent to. In the example below, we're updating the player Samson - he already has one parent called 'Bob'.  Now look on the left near the word 'Parent' and you'll see a little icon with a plus in it - this is the 'add adult' button.

 Click on this, enter the other adults email address. Remember you're giving them full access to the child's information and schedules - but we respect each adult's privacy; so there's no sharing of the other adults contact information ( unless they want it to happen ). 

And then...

The recipient will receive an email invitation from teamstuff to share the schedule of the child ; they accept and go through a signup or login process and it's all done. After that, they both will have full access to the schedules, teams and information for the child - including new teams and new games. 

A note about privacy
Each parent can set their own privacy on ( under their account settings - Privacy ). With privacy turned on - the parents cannot see each other's details. But if they elect to share their details with the team - they will also share their details with their ex-partner - since they are now considered part of the team.

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