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What is a Duty Template?

So - you've got lots of games coming up. Some of them might be home games - some away. And maybe you've got a different set of duties to assign on a home game vs the duties you need to do away. Or maybe they're the same. Either way - Duty Templates are your best friend.

So a Duty Template is how you tell teamstuff what duties are needed on any given game. So for example, you might set up a set of four duties for home games - say Umpiring, Orange Juice, Snacks and Ground Manager. Maybe for away games you normally have only two duties ; Orange Juice and Snacks.

So the Duty Template you'd set up might look like the following;

Teamstuff now understands that when you add a new game to teamstuff, the default set of duties - the tempate - is 4 duties for a home game, and two duties for an away game. 

So if we add an away game, then the list of duties that teamstuff automatically adds to the game would look like the following;

And when we add a home game, then teamstuff knows that it needs  4 duties attached to it:

The duty template won't assign those duties to people yet ( yes, teamstuff can now do this for you ), but it does help work out just how many duties are needed - across all your games.

So a Duty Template in summary allows you to tell teamstuff
  • What regular duties to attach to a home game
  • What regular duties to attach to an away game
  • What regular duties to attach to any game at all ( home or away )

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