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How can I assign LOTS of duties to my team?

Let's say it's the start of the season - peak work load for the busy team manager. That's you right? And one of your duties is to make sure that the whole team is assigned their duties - you know the things they have to do as part of the team. It might be as simple as one parent needs to score each week. But some of my teams have had up to 10 duties per game. Put a whole season together - and you've got a lot of duties to give to your playing group. 

And - you can't just assign any old how - you've got to assign the same number of duties to each of the parents. What happens when you get a couple left over after that - who do you assign them to then?

So if that problem is familiar to you; then teamstuff has your life saving feature - the ability for teamstuff to auto-magically do this for you. A season may have taken hours to assign - now you should be able to do this in under 2 minutes. ( you are very welcome ) 

Here's what to do;

Step 1
Set up the Duty Template. This lets you define the set of duties needed for your season, and allows you to choose different types of duties for home or away games.

In this case my list of Duties is going to look like the following:

Step 2
Add your games - or as many as you know. It's not a problem if you need to add more games later on - you can always ask teamstuff to re-assign later on.

Step 3
Under your team, on the web, look for the duties section. If you were to take a look at your Duties By Game, then you'd see something like the following - nothing is assigned.

Step 4 - Let Teamstuff Assign the Duties
So - you can see that big green button - that's where the magic starts. Click that to get the next assigning screen up, which looks like the following;

In the example above - you might note that there are some options about whether coaches and managers also get Duties. We tend to feel you've done enough - but every team is different. If you need to assign Duties to Coaches or to Managers - use these options.

And then click on the green button "Work your magic Teamstuff".

At this point - we will assign duties as evenly as we can, right across the playing group. Here's some tips on how we do it;
1. We will not assign any Duties to Coaches or Managers - unless you change those top options
2. Otherwise we randomly assign a duty on a game to any player - trying to keep the number of duties even across the season
3. We try to assign to players with attendance set to 'yes' or 'not sure' ; we do not assign any duties to a player if they are not coming to that game.
4. We try not to assign the same player to two duties on the same game ( unless we have to in order to keep duty totals even for the season )
5. We pro-rate the duty assignments by the games players can attend. So if a child has marked they can't make the last half of the season, their family will do only 1/2 the duties, which seems fair right?

Step 5 - Review the Duties

If you're happy with the assignments - click on the Save button near the bottom. If you're not - you can always ask Teamstuff to try another combination - that's the button near the top.

Step 6 - Sit Back and Relax

Suddenly your season's duties look like this;

And you're done. Finished. All over. Notice some players have 4 - some families have 5. There's no group with 3 - or 6. It's a nice even spread. ( again, you are welcome! ;-) )

In the example above - we've randomly allocated 79 duties evenly across the playing group by clicking a few buttons. And the best thing - no-one can blame you right? If one parent didn't get their 'least disliked' duty - well it's not your fault  - it was the teamstuff algorithm? Right?

And of course from here - the players and parents can see those duties - and will receive plenty of teamstuff reminders - so no more "I didn't know I was on oranges" on game day.

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