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What is the 'current' season?

In teamstuff, you can optionally organise teams and trainings into 'seasons' ; which really is just a group of events. 

We try to make this easy for you - so you just type the season in and we'll do some work behind the scenes to determine past vs current seasons. Which begs the question - how do we determine the current season? It's also the most important since the current season is often the default view when we think a team has more than one.

OK, the working definition of current season is

The group of games or trainings whose first game or training is the most recent.
Let's unpack that for a second. First point - seasons can have games or trainings - so we count both when examining the events for your team. 

Second point - we sort all the seasons by their first game or training - and only that first event. That gives us an order ; and the last 'first event' becomes the current season.

As a side note, we'd hope to give teams a little more control over the season concept - most probably mid 2015. Because yes, even we get a little confused working through this one. ;-)

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