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How could I change the way teamstuff sends me emails or notifications?

Great question - everyone's different right? From our hair, to our clothes to our favourite sports - we're all a little bit different. And we follow that model when it comes to getting notifications from teamstuff too - everyone's a little different. That's fine with us.

OK, if you'd like to customise how/when/what notifications come to you; then you need to take a look at the notification settings. These can be found as one of the options on the web, under account settings. It looks a little like the following;

If you want to change the way we send you notifications, then simply click on the pencil icon on the right. For example, if I wanted to change the upcoming game reminder then it would look like the following;

As you can see - there's plenty of power there to change both the way in which you receive the information, as well as when you receive it. 

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