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How can I leave a comment for the coach about my game attendance?

We've all been in this position before - you can make the game, but you might be 5 minutes late. Or you're coming back from injury, and would prefer half a game. 

Well - that's where attendance comments come in. The idea is that you can set a small comment for each game - and your coach/manager will see that comment when they look at who's coming or not coming. Note that everyone in the team can see the comment - in the same way that they can see if you're coming or not coming. 

Adding  a comment
To add a comment - look for the little icon new the coming / not coming icon for the game. For example - if I wanted to add a comment for my son 'Little Coach' on a game - I'm looking for the little blue icon below on the right.

You'll then get the ability to add your comment to your attendance status. Make it small it - it's not an essay!

What the Coach / Manager Will See

In the screen shot above - the coach / manager will see the comment listed against your entry. In this case - it's pretty clear that you're coming - but might be a little late.

Note that the attendance comments are visible across the platform - mobile and web - and are visible to the entire team. 

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