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How to use the Today Widget for Android

Do you want to see 'everything you need to know about today' in one single glance? Of course you do - and here's how we deliver that to you on Android.

Step 1 - Get the Widget on Your Homescreen

Android phones and implementations can vary, but in general a long press on an empty place on your home screen allows you to add a widget. Find the widgets listing - then find the teamstuff widget. Drag it out to your home screen - and it will need an empty region of 4x2 cells to fit.

Step 2 - Use it

The Widget talks to the teamstuff app on your device, so it will access the same schedule, same set of games that you'll see in the calendar. By default, it's going to show one game at a time. If you have lots of games today, then you'll be able to use the flippers on the left and right to scroll through the events.

Step 3 - Make it Bigger ( and so much better! )

Android has a great in built set of features for you to configure the space that a Widget takes up. So if ( like me ) bigger is better - then long press on the widget. Eventually you'll see the resize bars display - as below. 

Simply resize the widget - make it longer. When you do this, the Widget will automatically change the layout to be a list view. So you'll be able to see more games at a glance, but on a really busy day you'll be able to horizontally scroll the widget too. 

And so finally - your Widget looks like below - super useful for 'your day at a single glance'.

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