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Text Messages / SMS Support

Teamstuff has great support for text messages ( SMS ) instead of using push notifications. This is a preference for each individual user, rather than for a whole team. There are two major advantages of text messages over push notifications;
1. All mobile phones, regardless of type of 'smartness' will receive text messages
2. Text messaging is a louder notification - and so is more reliable in getting the attention of your players and parents

It's really easy to set this up. There are just three steps required.

Step 1 - Register Your Mobile
Jump onto the web site, login and go to your account settings. One of the options is "Mobile" where you can set your options for how you'd like Teamstuff to send reminders and messages to you.

In the example above, we have flicked the option from Push to Text Messages, and now we are registering our mobile number. To do so, choose the country and set your mobile number.  We will send you a special code in the next 30 seconds or so - which you type back into teamstuff to verify your mobile. OK - great - that's the first part done. 

Step 2 - Buy a Bundle of Text Messages

The next step is to buy a bundle of text messages - you can purchase them in various sizes at various prices. We're trying hard to keep teamstuff free - but it costs us real money to send text messages, and the price varies significantly by country. For example - it's about 10 times more expensive to send a text message in Australia than the United States. So we ask that those users who really need them ( e.g. Windows phone users, or those without a smart phone ) to purchase the text messages. We use as our payments partner - and one of the best parts of that is that teamstuff never handles credit card information - it's all done with stripe. 

Step 3 - Choose What Notifications You'd Like ( and when )
OK - last step - just jump over to the Notifications in your account settings, and now you can personalise what notifications you want - and when you get them.

Note : As of August 2016, we support the following countries;
United States
United Kingdom
( with more coming )

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