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Who is Playing or Training?

One of the most basic questions any team can ask is "Do we have enough players?" - or indeed "How many are coming?". And teamstuff has this nailed.

Every game, and every training, we ask people to set their attendances. And this information is then collated and shown to you in a super simple way.

Just find the game ( via the schedule, or under your team ), and you'll see something like the following.

Every game, every training has a similar view. In the example above, we can see that there are 3 people coming to the game - myself, Robert and Sally. You can see straight away that we have zero people who cannot play - that's the 0 in the red circle. If we had some 'unknowns' - then you'd see a yellow circle too. Just touch the green, yellow or red circles to see who's coming, who's unknown and who can't make it. Couldn't get any easier.

You might also note - that I've listed a comment against my attendance. Traffic can be tough that time of day - so I'm letting the coach know I could be up to 5 minutes late.

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