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Can Teamstuff track payments?

Why yes we can! 

Payments are just part of life for pretty much any team. From season fees, to casual fees for practice courts, through to new uniforms or social nights - teams and payments go together. 

And that's why teamstuff has wonderful support for not only tracking of payments within the team - but also making that process as easy as possible. We know that often it's the team manager or coach who makes the big payment ( buys the uniforms ) - and then needs the team to pay them back. So we've modelled our process on that real world scenario, trying to make it super easy for everyone involved.

At a high level, teamstuff will support the following;
1. Coaches and Managers can create payment items that apply to the team - and you can describe exactly what its for
2. Lots of flexibility in who owes what amount - you can easily assign different amounts to different people
3. Teamstuff handles lots of communications / reminders / alerts for you. 
4. And parents / players can pay you in cash, or directly inside the app using a credit card.

Each team can multiple open payments - that's how the real world works and we get that! And lastly it's all put together in the most elegant, simple to user design we've ever done.

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