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Transaction Fees with Payments - How Much?

So the first point about transaction fees is that cash payments attract absolutely zero transaction fees. If someone's paying directly to your bank account, or hands you $50 at training - happy days. There are no setup or transaction fees payable.

If a team member pays using a credit card, either online or on the mobile apps, then there are two transaction fees applied - a stripe fee, and a teamstuff fee. And a key point here is that the person making the payment pays the transactions fees, not the manager. So if the manager is asking for $50 for uniforms, then the team member paying by credit card will be paying $50 + transactions fees. The manager will receive the $50.

Stripe Fees
These are the fees that are paid to as the credit card processor for teamstuff. This seems fair enough, since they're doing lots of heavy lifting on things like fraud protection, credit card processing, moving money around between stripe accounts. And finally moving real money into people's real bank accounts. 

The stripe fees are a little complicated - they change based on a variety of factors, such as your country. But they're also pretty transparent - since they'll tell you what they are.  Jump over to their web site at and look for the pricing pages. For example, here's the pricing for the US, and over here you might find the pricing for Australia.

Teamstuff Transaction Fee
We also add a second transaction fee, which is the same or less than the stripe fee. We decided that if it's OK for stripe to charge for their services on the payment - well maybe it's OK for us to charge too. Since the rest of the services* are free, we felt this is a reasonable position. We limit our transaction fee to a maximum of 'about $5AUD'. We say about, because in other currencies this is harder to do as exchange rates change week to week. Since we're not international foreign currency traders, we've just approximated this, and will update infrequently if we see major movements in currencies. 

Who Pays the Fee?
We add the fees to the person making the payment. So to use a local Australian example - let's say a manager requests $100 for bus hire for a travel tournament. Some people will pay by cash - they hand $100 to the manager, who marks them off. 
But not Jim - busy life, decides to pay whilst riding the train home one night. Gets out his Android app, makes the $100 payment. The manager will receive $100 into their stripe account, and Jim will be paying about $104.21. So he's paying $4.21 for convenience, and 1/2 goes to teamstuff, 1/2 to stripe to enable that convenience.

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