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How can I make a credit card payment to my team?

Teamstuff has terrific support for team payments, including the ability for you to pay your team using a credit card. It's so simple, it should take you less time to do than it will to read this article. 

Step 1 - How Much Do You Owe?
Jump onto your app or web, and navigate to your payments section. 
You want to look for the My Payments section. Click on this, and you'll see all the items that you owe money for and a summary of your total owing. 

In the example - I owe $55 in total - for one team, with one item - New Uniforms.

Step 2 - Choose Which Payment
So be brave - hit that massive 'Make a Payment' button. It's green. It's big. You'll see the following screen pop up, confirming that you want to make this payment, for this item.

So this is the confirmation screen. You can clearly see how much you are paying the team manager ( that's $55 ) - what it is for ( New Uniforms ).  And very importantly - you can see who our partner is for the credit card processing - stripe, as well as the presence of transaction fees. There are transaction fees above the $55, part goes to Stripe, and part comes to teamstuff. In the example above, I'll pay $57.59 from my credit card.

We try really hard to estimate what the fee will be, but it's variable based on a whole set of factors like your credit card provider and country, so it's a guesstimate. 

Step 3 Make Payment
In the last step, you enter your credit card details into the app. We send them off to stripe - magic happens and you've paid your team fees. 

And of course we keep a full record of the payment - dates, times and amounts. You're done and dusted - and your team manager gets paid, Stripe gets a transaction fee for the credit card processing - and the best part - you're giving teamstuff a minor donation ( cough transaction fee ) to help us keep building awesome software for you. 

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