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How can a team member volunteer for a duty ( on mobile app)?

Teamstuff has fantastic tools available so that your team members can help the team coaches and managers by volunteering for duties. Players and parents can volunteer for duties on the web, but without doubt the easiest way is on the mobile.

Here's what to do.
Firstly, to be able to volunteer for a duty, a person must be;
1. Part of a team that allows team members to choose duties themselves
2. And - there must be at least one open duty left on a future game

And if that's true, then when you navigate to the My Duties section on the mobile, right at the top you'll see a big green button. ( there's really no ignoring it ).

Step 1 - Hit the Big Green Button
In the next step, you'll get a list of games that you can grab a duty for. On some occasions you might have multiple teams that want your time - so you might have to choose the team first. But once the team is selected, you'll see a list of games that have duties that need your help!

Step 2 - Choose the Game
Use the date to work out which games might be convenient for you, then touch the game that you want to volunteer for.  You'll now be presented with a list of duties that need volunteers. Note that this list is just the duties that remain free. If you wait too long - you might find there's not much left. Either way, you'll see something like the following pop up.

Step 3 - Choose Your Duty ( or Duties )
Touch the duty that you'd like to do - and if you feel really virtuous, you can grab 2 or more on the same game. It's up to you. If you make a mistake, you can always touch the duty to de-select it. No worries!

Step 4 - And Repeat for Other Games
Great teams rely on great volunteers - so you might want to grab some more whilst you're here. Volunteer for as many as you need. The top section will have a little summary of how many duties you have. In the example below I have volunteered for two duties on the one game...

Step 5 - Save
Look top right - on the menu bar and you'll see the word Save. Hit this when you've finished. You'll get a confirmation page letting you know what duties you have successfully volunteered for. Bear in mind that it's always possible someone else has just volunteered for your duty before you. We operate on a first come first served basis - and we'll let you know which duties you got, and which ones you didn't.

We can't make doing the duty any easier - but we sure can make the process of volunteering easy peasy. 

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