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What can teamstuff do for my club?

Great question. And just like teamstuff can help you organise your team - well clubs.teamstuff is the companion web application that helps you run your club. In fact, with a hour or so setup, you get

Your own club app ( no coding required! )
Easy, beautiful communications tools to reach your entire club's membership
Easy club wide events, including RSVPs
Visibility on who owes you money in the club, 
And more ways to raise sponsorship dollars.

So what are you waiting for?

Key Features for Helping a Club

Your own club app - Your club details, every team - even results from the last games. Up to date scores, including live scores as they're happening. And with a club app in their hand - suddenly you've got easy ways to communicate to your entire club with push notifications. No more looking up people's details!

Club wide magic emails : one email address will reach everyone at your club. On their current email address ( remember - users keep their details up to date in teamstuff! ) So all the players, parents, second parents - everyone in your club. Or maybe you'd like all the coaches and managers? No problems. Or maybe you'd like to contact all the girls' teams only? Well we support that too because we also have...

Custom Groups :  You can create as many groups as you need, add whatever teams you require. Those groups then each have their own magic email addresses. So all the girls teams? No worries! Or all the elite teams across all age groups? No problems at all. We've got you covered!

Whole Club Fixtures & Results Page : Would you like to see all the games and results for all teams across the club in one easy view? Of course you do - and we supply that to you. Best of all, you can add that view to your current web site - making you look super organised! 

Sponsorship : Whilst we don't make any money ourselves - we know you rely on the goodwill of your local sponsors. So to make that easier, we let you add your sponsors to some super valuable real estate within the application. Takes you minutes to setup, but now every teamstuff email to your club members can carry your sponsors messages. What's that worth to your club ( hint : a lot! ).

Club Events : Whilst we can't make extra people volunteer to run the BBQ, we can help you invite your club and get RSVPs. All with our all singing, all dancing beautiful club event support.

People  :  How hard is it to keep track of all your club members? Got manual spreadsheets doing this for you? Not any more! We've got every parent, every coach, every player's details at your fingertips, and you can find it in a heart beat using clubs.teamstuff

Team Members : Your club has the power to re-arrange any team, any time. With super administration controls now embedded right into your club.

Multiple Administrators : All clubs need teams of people to do the work. We know that and support it - you can nominate as many administrators as you need.

Club Engagement : Get a simple and clear view of the loyalty, engagement and satisfaction of your entire membership. Powered by Net Promoter Score, this is a wonderful tool to make sure you are running the club well.

Setup for the Club
It really couldn't be easier - you invite the teams to join your club, and you have a club. Add some details like your club magic emails - create your groups, add some sponsor's icons and you are away. 

The best clubs are powered by teamstuff - shouldn't yours be too?

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