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How can I create a club?

It's really easy to create the club. In fact, the initial club setup should take you less than 10 minutes.

Part A : Create Club
OK - jump onto and sign in. We'd suggest that you use a club operations email account rather than a personal one, but it can be changed later on if you need to.

Creating the club needs some pretty simple information;
1. Details on the club ( website and address )
2. Email addresses of a team manager for each team you want to invite ( optional )
3. Email addresses of the people you'd like to be able to send club wide emails ( optional )

Like most teamstuff activities - a super simply wizard pops up and guides you through the initial setup. Could not be easier.

Inviting Teams
Some notes when inviting teams to be part of the club. Clubs have quite a lot of extra 'power' over the teams, so it's important that teams opt-in to your club. So we do this via an invitation that gets sent to the team owners - the coaches of managers of the teams. They need to accept this invitation to join your club.

You can invite teams that already exist in teamstuff, or invite them as they create their teams - it really doesn't matter. Once they accept the invitation, teamstuff works out what to do. And of course, you can invite the teams after you've already created the club, so if you don't know all of them - no dramas at all.

At the end
You should see something like the following - a confirmation screen. In this example, I'm creating a club for Quidditch...

If it's all good - save and our invitations will get sent out to your team members. How easy was that?

Part B : Make your Club Great
OK, now we'd suggest you make the club even more powerful. I'd look at the following in particular;

Add your club logo
It's part of your identity - so add your logo to the club. We'll automatically add it to all  your teams - so it's once less thing for them to do. 

Just click on the logo - you'll see it has the camera icon to upload your logo.

Share the load
Do you have a group of people you'd like to have the same access to club administration? Well great - we can help you here! And we use teamstuff to help out too - so create a team in teamstuff, then you can add that team to your club as administrators. If you have future changes to that group - just change them like your would in teamstuff - and their access rights get automatically changed for the club.

Add Sponsors
The last thing we'd suggest is to add the sponsors - in particular on the Club Emails and Game Reminders. 
To do this you'll need images and links if you want to drive traffic to your sponsors. 

And you now have a club setup. Great job!

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