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What are fans of a club?

There's a few ways people can be part of your club. The obvious way is that they have a clear and direct relationship because they are a member of one of your club's teams. Managers, coaches, players and parents - that all works fine. 

But we have another, less obvious way of being part of a club : the concept of a fan. So what exactly is a 'fan'?

"A fan is someone who is not currently a member of one of your teams ; but used to be in the past."

Maybe they were in last year's team. You might still want to contact them - their part of the group of people still interested in your club. So the whole club magic email includes this group - your fans.

Club Choices for Fan Management
The club can choose how fans are managed within teamstuff. By default the fans are removed from your club about 1 week after they leave their last team. So by default, your club won't have too many fans, and they won't hang around too long. You can choose to modify this if you want to - either never having fans, or choosing to manage them yourself. Like most things in teamstuff - it's totally up to you. 

OK - what if my 'fans' don't want to be part of the club anymore?
No problems at all. Jump onto There is a People search feature ( very powerful ) that you can use to search for all your fans. You do this by typing in 'fan' as a search term. We'll list your club's fans, and you can go through and delete them if you want to.

Once removed as a fan - they are 100% removed from the club.

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