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How can I find my club members?

Teamstuff has a super powerful database of all of your teams, and inside those teams - all of your parents, players, coaches and managers. 

So maybe you'd like to find some details about your members? So for example, maybe you'd like to;
  • Find out all the coaches in the club, or
  • Count all the parents, or
  • Find all the players in the U17 Blue team, or
  • Get the phone number for Bill in the U16's, or
  • See if Sally in the U13s still owes the club any money
Well then the new People view in is for you.

It's ridiculously easy to use. 

Login to, and have a look on the left hand navigation menu. You'll see a People menu item here.

After you click on this - you'll see a single line entry box - kinda like Google. You may have heard of them, they're quite good at searching stuff, so we tried to copy some of their techniques. Try some different search terms, and we'll do our best to find them all. For example, if you typed in "coach" then you'll find all the coaches. Type a name like 'Bob' and you'll find all the Bobs in your club. It's a powerful search engine, so try a few different things.

In the example above, we've managed to find the one "vilge" at our club. And should I click through their details, I'll see even more information; such as their kids, their teams and even things like outstanding payments. And since we're using the teamstuff information, we can also show you what they look like. So if you're heading off to the first team manager's meeting and need to 'refresh your memory' on who's who at your zoo.

Last trick - see that export link under the search box and towards the right. Yep - that will export the results of your search into a nice handy file.

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