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What support do you have for Grandparents?

Does your Mum or Dad ( or really anyone outside your immediate family ) enjoy watching your kids play? Cos they do? Do they'd like to get access to the schedule too right? But they don't need full access rights - never know what button they might press!

Well, luckily we have that covered too - with our Family Schedule Page.

What's that you ask?

Well it's a public, but obscure web page that you can choose to publish, and share with your family members. It contains all your teams, all your kids, all your games and training events. So your extended family gets the same schedule information as you. 

But - since it's public facing, we don't put any indentifying information on the page. You just get time and place, and we minimise private information.

Super easy to use - best way is mobile ( and particularly because it's responsive - which is the fancy way of saying that it will resize automatically to the 'best possible' display for your mobile device - whether portrait or landscape - try it - it's kinda fun. )

All that you need to do is;

1. Open Account Settings in the app
2. Click on the calendar icoin
3. Now turn on the Family Schedule Page. You can optionally give it a name - if you want to.
4. And click on the share link next to the URL.

Send that link to your family - remember that anyone who has it can access your schedule. Mind you - take a look at the URL - it's pretty difficult to guess one, so that's why we call it obscure. Technically possible, but you're likely to get struck by lightning before you guess one. Struck twice. 

Tip : If you add it to your family members' home screens - they don't even need to remember it. Works a treat!

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